One of our primary goals is to make your hunting experience with us as much like a vacation in the Bahamas as possible. We want you to be comfortable, whether you're lounging in the recliner at the lodge or you're next to a tree in waist deep 20 degree water.

Hunting for a sportsman is supposed to be fun and our idea of fun is definitely not walking miles to your favorite spot. About 50 yards from the back door of the lodge is a man made boat ramp providing under 15 minute access to 11 out of 15 of our private duck hunting locations. Our comfortable ground transportation provides access to the remaining others. We want you to have fun hunting, not pass out from exhaustion. This attribute is especially appreciated by Senior Citizens and parents of young hunters.

While we are on the subject of exhaustion, retrieving your own ducks will not happen on our place. We have 5 professionally trained Labrador Retrievers that will make fetching your prize look easy. Paige, Faith, Ralph, Trip, and Jenny, our Adult retrievers, are kept on their guard even during the fun summer months at the river, and Duke, our new puppy, is sure to learn from the best. And there is no need to worry about your children, unless you're unwilling to allow them to have a tongue bath. We also have plenty of room in the kennels to allow you to bring your favorite retrieving companion, however, we discourage bringing untrained animals to insure your hunting experience is about hunting, and not retrieving your retriever!

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